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Eastport-Annapolis Neck Com...
2018 For the Love of the Library
Fri, April 20, 2018 6:30PM to 8:30PM (Eastern)
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Great night of fun!
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Anne Arundel County Public Library Foundation
and Honorary Chairs Hall and Chelsea Chaney
invite you to

Friday, April 20 from 6:30-8:30pm

Eastport-Annapolis Neck Community Library 
269 Hillsmere Drive, Annapolis, MD


 Tickets: $50 per person ($25 tax deductible)


All proceeds make your library better!

Join us for a festive gathering to celebrate our wonderful libraries. Enjoy tantalizing hors d'oeuvres from Annapolis restaurants and caterers, as well as beer and wine served by local celebrity bartenders; a live auction; plus the Fund-a-Goal where we raise funds for a particular item the library needs in each of its branches. 

Thank you to our sponsors:

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Who's Coming?
A & G Management
Lisa Abercrombie
Bill Abercrombie
Steve Adams
Steven Adams
Randall Adams
Jennifer Adams, Mountain Road Branch Mgr.
Ryan Alicea
Sandy Altherr
Madeline Amonick
Anel Amores
Skip Auld
Deborah Baden
Tonya Baroudi
Amy Bartholomee
Wayne Bartholomee
Joan Beck
Sarah Beck Hill
Cathy Belcher
John Belcher
Natalie Benjamin
Laurie Berman
Steve Berry
Mindy Berry
Ben Birge
Lex Birney
Allison Birney
Joe Bles
Brightview Senior Living
Stephen Brown
Yvette Brown
Sam Brown
Jennifer Brown
Donna Brown
Lisa Brown-Green
Susan Buckenmaier
Trip Buckenmaier
Pam Buckenmaier
Dave Buemi
Peter Bugenhagen
Peter Bungay
Florence Calvert
Jane Campbell-Chambliss
Tess Carper
Ann Carta
Margaret Carty
John Carty
Carol Cason, Regional Mgr.
Joy Chambers
Alice Chambers
Pete Chambliss
Ruth Anne Champion
Hall Chaney
Chelsea Chaney
Hamilton Chaney
Jim Cheevers
William Childs
Victoria Childs
Emilio Chiodo
Nancy Choice
Mary Christhilf
Kelsey Coates
Michelle Coates
Kenny Coates
Michaele Cohen
Laura Colquhoun
Ingrid Connerney
Jack Connerney
Kathleen Cooke
Sherry Cormier
Leann Craumer
Derrick Cromwell
Noreen Cullen
Marjorie Davidson
Michelle Davis
Betsy Denning
Donna Denny
Laurie Deppa
Gretchen Dolan
John Dolan
Susan Duncan
DeDe Duncan-White
Patricia Edwards
Lauren Eichelberger
Penny Evans
Christine Feldmann
Beverly Ferrar
Chuck Ferrar
Alexandra Fotos
Lyle Fowlkes
Will Gable
Lynn Garretson
Michael Geers
Linda Geers
Anne Gentilcore
Ginger Cove
Ginger Cove
Jennifer Glascock
Ann Glenn
Jere Glover
Doris Glover
Carolynn Goldberg
Bob Goldberg
Megan Gordon-Hall
Molly Green
J. Ernest Green
Jerry Green
Anna E. Greenberg
Mary Grund
John Grund
Collot Guerard
Karen Guess
Pam Hadaway
Brigid Haragan
Gloria Harberts, Regional Mgr.
Connie Harich
Ardith Harle
Jim Harle
Neil Harpe
Mikey Harris
Becky Hass
Ashley Haussmann
Ryan Haussmann
Ann Hein
Michael Hill
Dick Hillman
Lisa Hillman
Dan Hoffman
Rebecca Hollerbach
Lea Hurt
Maribel Ibrahim
Russell W. Irvine
Karen Isaac
Stephen Israel
Ruby Jaby, Crofton Branch Mgr.
Valerie Jackson
Kelley Jackson
Darnice Jasper, Maryland City Branch Mgr.
Tina Jernigan
Mick Jernigan
Gweneth Johanson
Nancy Kames
Lois Kelberman
Michael Keller
Nancie Kennedy
Kristen Keyes
Julie Kizer Ball
Marie Knobel
Evan Kwisnek
Kristen Kwisnek
Eric Langbein
Bess Langbein
Mike Leahy
Conor Leahy
Richardson Libby
Kathryn Libby
Richard Lowery
Erica Lowery
Jane Lytle-Vieira
Jessie Maes
Kasey Maes
Skip Maher
Elise Malinosvsky
Jill Mandel
Karen Mansbridge, Severna Park Branch Mgr.
Cynthia Marlette Adams
Gary Martinez
Kara Martinez
Barbara Maxwell
Megan McCloud
Michelle McConville
Barry McKown
Anne McKown
Catherine McNamara, Brooklyn Park Branch Mgr.
Donna McVicker
Jane McWilliams
Vicki Meade
Miriam Melendez-Villalta
Maryanne Mento
Jeff Mento
Paula Meyer
Joyce Miller
Georgeanne Montanari
John Morgan
Edwin Moses
Mullen, Sondberg, Wimbish & Stone
Mullen, Sondberg, Wimbish & Stone
Rachel Myers, Discoveries at the Mall Branch Mgr.
Michele Noble, Eastport Branch Mgr.
Jim Nolan
Patrick O'Connell
Brian Oberle
Edgar Parker
Bonnie Parks
Jerome Parks
William Pearson
Amy Petronis Rand
Judy Poyer
Toni Prince
Anne Pusey, Edgewater Branch Mgr.
JoAnn Pyles
Pat Pyles
Dan Ramirez, Riviera Beach Branch Mgr.
Vijay Ramraj
Heather Ravanbakhsh, Deale Branch Mgr.
Joanne Rennie
Randy Rice
Bert Rice
Janet Richardson-Pearson
Ashley Rogers, Severn Branch Mgr.
Susan Rosenfeld
Dolores Ruth
John Ruth
Elaine Saba
Andrew Saba
Stan Samorajczyk
Kate Samorajczyk
Judge Donna Schaeffer
Kevin Schaeffer
Jeanne Sears
Sterling Seay
Keith Seay
Simmona E. Simmons
Doug Smith
Karen Smith
Torrey Snow
Joanna Snow
Leah Solat
Norman Solat
Sandra Solomon
Robin Soma-Dudley
Thomas Sorauf
Kathleen Spain
Gerald Starr
Mike Steadman
Maxine Stearns
Amy Steindler
David Stern
Carol Stern
Fred Stielow
Trish Strott
Greg Strott
Jeffrey Strzelczyk
Raymond Sullivan
Amy Swank
William Sykora
Martha Sykora
Harry Tabak
Carol Tabak
Kathy Taishoff
Rob Taishoff
Christina Teasley
Judith Templeton
Kelly Topita
Patricia Troy
Stephen Troy
Bethany Tyler
Susan Venter
Mario Vieira
Wanda Wagner, Regional Mgr.
Kate Walker Wagner
Amy Webb
Fred (Rick) Weingarten
Dona Weingarten
Alexandra Weller
Tony Wheeler
Abigail Williams
Lynn Wise
Cindy Wolverton
Andy Wolverton
Wendy Wood
Mary Carroll Worthington
Hall Worthington
Francis Wright
Maureen Wright
Barbara Wurzberger
Melissa Yanowitz
Amy Yonts